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I like to hangout with people that make me forget to look at my phone

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raylan + being 110% done with everyone’s shit

He’s really fucking hot for being 46

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Decided to include Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche’s feminist message because I feel like it gives a lot to the song. I also included an extra chorus at the end. 



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people who scream when they see their friends at school


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photos by michal cizek (1,3,5,7,9) of kijivu, a western lowland gorilla, with her two day old baby at the zoo in prague; and fredrik von erichsen (2,4,6,8) of rebecca and her three day old daugher at the frankfurt zoo.

with less than 800 mountain gorillas and only 2500 eastern lowland gorillas left in the world, gorilla populations are now so low that birthing programs such of these are needed to ensure sufficient genetic diversity of the species.

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This is what Ryan Murphy of AHS reveals on Twisty the clown:
“[…] It’s heart-stopping what he does. I’m worried. I’m worried that people are going to have cardiac arrests… The clown’s intro in the first episode is … even I was terrified of it. It’s brutal. Two crew members told me they have had nightmares about this clown since we started shooting and they’re not even scared of clowns. I think he’s pretty extraordinary because, when you see why he’s a clown and why he’s wearing the mask … just you wait.”

John Caroll Lynch (who plays Twisty) adds:
“His actions are horrific, but his motives are really strangely, oddly pure. And that’s what is most human and most disturbing about it.” 


I’m srsly wondering if anybody else is as ridiculously excited as I am.


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